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our LAVISH COLLECTION OF Unscented wax CANDLELIGHT FRAGRANCERS create a safe, flameless, flickering candlelight glow. CANDLELIGHT FRAGRANCERS can be used UNSCENTED, OR USE WITH Scent-In® fragrance REFILLS AND INSTANTLY FILL YOUR ROOM WITH FRAGRANCE. Change and SCENT-IN fragrances anytime!
Scent Savvy® Lavish Ivory Fragrancer
Pair your fragrancer with scent-in fragrance refills
Scent Savvy® Lavish Red Fragrancer
Scent Savvy® savvy confection scent-in fragrance refills
Scent Savvy® Lavish White Fragrancer
Scent Savvy® winter wreath scent-in fragrance refills
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